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Participating organizations

Participating organizations and national teams:

The respective teams (so far from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine and Montenegro) work and apply for financial resources independently. It means, basically, that each team is in different phase of the project depending on their realization opportunities and financial background of the project. The phase of collection of material was only concluded by the German and Czech teams so far.

Gender Studies, o.p.s. is dedicated to gathering and disseminating information about gender issues and women's rights both in the Czech Republic and around the world. GS's goals are to promote an understanding and tolerance of lifestyles that do not follow traditional patterns, to create a forum for discussion of social status and behavior of men and women in society, and to circulate information abroad concerning gender issues in the Czech Republic. GS library, one of the best in Central Europe, operates an extensive collection of books, periodicals and multimedia. In addition, the organization coordinates various public debates, lectures, seminar series, publication activities and research dedicated to gender related issues.

Mgr Pavla Frýdlová is the Czech team coordinator and the international coordinator of Women's Memories.,
Gender Studies, o.p.s., Gorazdova 20, 120 00 Praha 2, tel/fax: +420-224915666,

OWEN (Ost-West Europäisches FrauenNetzwerk), e.V. has more than ten years long experience in active educational work with women in a number of Eastern European countries. OWEN is also actively involved in education and training of Russian speaking women in Germany while offering different kinds of educational cycles and programmes on "Biography and Contemporary History from the Point of View of Women".

Dr. Marina Grasse is head of OWEN and coordinator of Women's Memories.,,
OWEN e.V., Anklamer Straße 38, 10115 Berlin, Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 280 85 41 / 283 22 51, Fax: +49 (0)30 - 283 22 52

Gender Studies Center (Centrum rodových štúdií) was founded at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava in 2001. The interdisciplinary study programme (regarding gender identity issues, gender specific differences and symbols that structure relations between women and men) follows up the ten-year-long tradition of pedagogical and research activities undertaken within the Department of Philosophy at Comenius University.

PhDr. Zuzana Kiczková is the Center and Women's Memories coordinator., www.genderstudies,
Centrum rodových štúdií na filosofickej fakulte University Komenského v Bratislave, Šafárikovo nám. 6, SK - 618 01 Bratislava, tel: +421-259244309, fax: +421-252966016

Shelter for Women (Sigurne ženske kuće) in Belgrade: an interdisciplinary team that used to work primarily in practical work with women - violence victims - in shelters (mainly in the period of the wars in the Balkans), while it is recently oriented on education, information and publication activities.

Nadežda Ćetković-Radović is the project coordinator.
Mihajla Bogićevića 6, YU - 11 000 Beograd, tel/fax: +381-11-685394

Center for Women's Studies (Centar za ženske studije) in Zagreb is an independent interdisciplinary education and publication center providing alternative education in women's and gender studies, coordinates a number of research and culture projects. It also runs a library and information center.,,
Centar za ženske studije, Berislavićeva 12, 10 000 Zagreb, HR - Croatia, tel: +3851-4872406

Woman and Society (Žinka i suspilstvo) in Lvov is a Ukrainian research and education center that joined Women's Memories project in November 2002.

Oksana Kis is the project coordinator.
Žinka i suspilstvo, Lvivskij nacionalnij universitet im. Iv. Franka, kim. 318, bul. Universitetskaja 1, 79 000 Lviv, Ukraine, tel/fax: +380-322-794585

ŽINEC-ANIMA was founded in Kotor in 2000 as an information and education center for women from Montenegro while it follows up the work of a peace center.

Ljupka Kovačević is the coordinator of the center and the Women's Memories project (started in 2003).
lakik@cg.yu, anima@cg.yu
ŽINEC - ANIMA, Stari grad 374, Kotor, Montenegro, tel: +381-82-325829

Women's Center eFKa (Fundacija Kobieca eFKa), an information and advisory center for women, participated in the Women's Memories project until January 2001 when it interrupted its work due to lack of financial means.,
Fundacija Kobieca eFKa, Ul. Szczepanska 3/3, 31 011 Krakow, tel/fax: +48-12-4226973

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:: The new books of Pavla Frýdlová based on the oral history methodology: Ženy v bílém - Women in White looks into the prestige life of women medical doctors.

:: Ženy odjinud - Women from elsewhere looks into the opinions and strategies of female foreigners living in the Czech Republic
Example of interview
HERE you can find transcribtion of one interview that was taken in the first period of the interviews collection.
Showcases of the additional materials
Here you can find examples of protocol, biogramme, resumé and list of entries (index for the archives).

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Big thanks to women's weekly VLASTA for usage of their photo archive (1950-1960).
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